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Dearly beloved,

I am not a doomsday prophet. But I have real concerns as I reflect on the unfolding of global and local events recently.

In spite of the frantic efforts to calm the world of the euro cri-ses, the Cyprus bailout worsens the already volatile situation. Boston Marathon has always been a family-friendly event; the twin bomb blasts sent shockwaves and panic all over the world. New Zealand parliament recently legalised same-sex marriage, and that rippled in Australian social and political cir-cle. I’m especially disturbed by the comments of the Premier of New South Wales in an interview, who declared, “It’s in-evitable.” Do you share similar concerns as I have?

As I was pondering and searching, the message in 2 Peter 3:11-13 came to mind: “Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God,…we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.” If the warning of the Apostle sounded like a dooms-day prophecy, he was actually echoing what the Lord warned in Matthew 24 & 25 about His imminent Return.

The fundamental difference between what’s known as doomsday prophecies and the biblical prophecies of Christ’s “inevitable” Return is the element of hope. The former merely presents the gloomy predictions; the latter, while giving the dark and gloomy predictions preceding Christ’s Return, urges us to be watchful and to live earnestly in preparation.

During our pastoral devotion, we shared and felt the need to encourage all with Living Earnestly in Faith. What we be-lieve ought to be reflected in our daily living. And, according to the words of the apostle Peter, not only must we live, but also live earnestly.

When Shackleton was forced to leave some on Elephant Is-land, near the South Pole, he told them he would come back for them. Time and again he tried, but failed to reach them. At last, though the season wasn’t right, Shackleton made ano-ther bold attempt. This time he rescued them in the nick of time, taking only half an hour. He asked one of them, “How was it you were able to come so quickly?” The man answered, “Sir, Mr Wild, your second-in-command, never let a chance slip; you promised to come and we were waiting for you. Our sleeping bags were all rolled up; we were ready!”

Let’s be ready by always living earnestly in faith.


Pastor Peter


I have felt like working three times as hard since I came to understand that my Lord is coming again.—D L Moody







当沙克尔顿被逼要留下一些人在南极附近的大象岛的时候,他说他会回来把他们带走。他作了很多次的尝试,却到不到他们那边去。最后,虽然在不是很适合的季节,沙克尔顿还是作了另一个很胆大的尝试。这次他在千钧一发之际把他们救出来了,只用了半个小时。沙克尔顿问他们其中一人:“为什么你们可以这样快来到我这边呢?”那人回答说:“长官,你的副司令Wild 先生不要让任何一个机会溜走,你承诺你会回来,我们就等着你。我们的谁袋还是卷着的,我们都准备好了!”





当我开始明白到我的主要再来的时候,我感觉比以前要努力了三倍地工作。 – 慕迪