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Responses to Sunday Service

  1. Andy Staszak says:

    My name is Andrew Staszak from 3 Lofties Road and I’ve been asked to comment regarding your application for planning approval of the old day care center. I am a strong believer of freedom of speech and the right to practice religion of one’s choice as long as it is practiced in a secular environment. I just need you to explain to me the difference between mainstream presbyterian and your beliefs. Thank you kindly.

  2. Grace says:

    Hi, I just wonder where is your Sunday service held.

    • danong2013 says:

      Hi Grace,

      Apology for the very late response. The Sunday Service is held at Oberthur Primary School at Bullcreek, 1030am with bilingual services. If you need any assistance in transportation, please ring 0415997390 or 0422819926

      Daniel Ong/Mimi Leung